Morte Sospetta Di Una Minorenne Fullhd Where Can Watching

Published on January 17, 2020, 11:17 pm — Documentary




THE SUSPICIOUS DEATH OF A MINOR opens w/ a young prostitute named Marisa (Patrizia Castaldi) being stalked and brutally slashed to death by a mysterious man in sunglasses. Police are quickly at the scene looking for clues. We are introduced to Paolo Germi (Claudio Cassinelli) who happened to have been w/ Marisa just before she was killed. Paolo is doing an investigation of his own, using some rather illegal methods to get information! He uncovers a human trafficking ring, specializing in underage prostitutes. The plot thickens exponentially, and Paolo is on the trail of something big. TSDOAM is a strange little giallo, w/ elements of slapstick comedy tossed in between suspenseful chases and murders. In one chase scene, a man has his bicycle transformed into a unicycle by speeding cars, and an unwary pedestrian is sent spinning on his head like a top! Twice! There's also a running gag concerning Paolo's spectacles, as well as his clunky car, that can't seem to keep its doors on! All of this frivolity makes the mysterious killer's devilish deeds all the more jarring. A solid crime thriller w/ the aforementioned antics thrown in for no apparent reason...








The Suspicious Death of a Minor.